AN INTRODUCTION TO ANGLO-SAXON ERA | History of English Literature


Anglo-Saxon was the first period in the history of English literature, which lasted from 449 to 1060 when the Saxon tribes entered the tertiary of Old England. It was the period when Anglo-Saxon people were attacked by Romans and started living here in the tribes’ form. This was the age ruled by different monarchs including Alfred the Great who had tastes in the subject of literature in he was one of the protuberant figures having a great interest in literature, particularly in the domain of translations as he translated the Bible on his own. He was the first King, later on, Edward the Elder, Athelstan, Edgar, Danes, Canute, and Edward the confessor who was defeated by William from the Norman. English has grown in the era of Canute who had come to the throne after the Danes in 1016. Many things occurred and the Battle of Eddington has been fought in the era.

Literature of Anglo-Saxon Period:

When we talk about genres of the Anglo-Saxon era, there are main works were included Translations, Poetry, Prose, and.

There were five famous writers who wrote historical, poetical, and oral literature. The main figures of the period were; Caedmon, Cynewulf, Alfred the Great, Bede, and Aelfric. Their renowned work was 'The Vercelli Book' and 'Beowulf', Universal History of Orosius by Alfred. Calloquain by Aelfric, Himibic by Wulfeven, and significant poems of the old English Period were, Widsith and Wadere, The fight at Finbursh, The Battle of Brunanburh, and The Battle of Maldon were also the literary work of the era.



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